Manual Classified Ad Submission

Our Classified Ad Services Will Help You to Promote Your Business on a short period without any high risks.

Classified Ad service is really necessary for a business/site to get popularity. Nowadays, online advertisements play an effective role than off line advertisements. This online advertisement helps your business to achieve better results and makes your business/site, product etc as a popular one. And it also leads your business to increase your online sales and to have good profit.

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Characteristics & Benefits of Classified Ad Posting Services

  • Leads to have more leisure time.
  • You can get instant results.
  • It will submit the daily report to you.
  • Posts will be made manually.
  • No software will be used. Etc............

After Making The Payment - Don’t Forget The Details.

Please send all the following details to us.

  • URL - which you want to submit
  • Title - which satisfies you
  • Description - It should be a small one (about 250 characters)
  • Keywords to be submitted are as follows:
  • Your Name - which will be used as a submitter name
  • Your Email ID - to send the completion report

Please Send Email To: