Different Ways of Designing a Website

by Traffic Crow / 20 April 2017 / No Comments

Website design training course in coimbatore – website designing is commonly done with the help of programming languages, and there are plenty of languages, which web designers use according to their convenience, usability, and requirement. There are plenty of advantages of disadvantages of every programming language; hence web developers use different languages and scripts to overcome the challenges on a day to day basis. Web designing is not a rocket science, but it is not possible for a layperson to execute.

Some of the top 4 programming languages, which are extensively used by web developers in the current generation

#1. PHP (personal Home Page)

PHP or personal home page is one of the most popular languages used by web developers today. There is plenty of software or applications, which can be used to design with the help of PHP language. Some of the most popular applications are WordPress, Drupal and so on. These platforms give out an easy access to design, modify and customize the website according to the requirement. PHP has been used extensively in corporate sectors, as it is considered as the easiest to change and highly secured against hacking. PHP applications like WordPress give out an opportunity to modify by any individual with a minimal amount of knowledge about computers.

#2. HTML (Hypertext mark-up language)

HTML or Hypertext mark-up language is the traditional way of designing a website, which is becoming extinct slowly. HTML is all about programming and does not give multiple options to add features or graphics. HTML is easier than any of the web designing programming languages, but it has challenges to implement new technologies and features. HTML uses CSS (cascading style sheet) to implement style in the website and does not give options to track users visiting site efficiently. It is almost impossible for a common man to modify or edit the contents of the internet site since the only way of modifying the website is by editing the program.

#3. JAVA

Java is one of the exceptional languages, which is used widely by creative designers. Java has its disadvantages concerning digital marketing. JAVA has been widely used by the fashion industry and jewellery industry since the options of making an innovative website are comparably easier than the other programming languages. JAVA has been used minimally in other platforms to improve the visual effects of the site. JAVA is originally developed by SUN Systems and was widely used five years ago, but latest technology programs allow web developers to use JAVA in some locations to improve the quality of the website visually.

#4. Python

Python is a versatile language, which can be used for multiple purposes besides designing a website. Python is the most sought language in the today’s world since the language is versatile and can be used to develop websites, applications, mobile apps and so on. Python is more like an object-oriented programming, which includes structured programming and functional programming. Python is pretty complicated language and quite challenging for a beginner to learn in a short span of time.