Traffic Crow Provisions

Traffic Crow is very strict in following the terms and conditions.

Traffic Crow’s Information Gathering and Its Usage

Personal information:
All the personal details of every customer will be collected in traffic crow.

Company details:
And all the company details like name, address, email id, telephone number etc will be collected.

All our customer’s personal and company details will be maintained securely. And it will not be given to any other third person.

Secured payments:
Traffic crow always use Paypal to make customers payment as a secured one. It is one of the fastest online money transferring system. If you decide to make payment through paypal then you can directly submit your credit card details directly to paypal.

Terms And Conditions:

  • Traffic crow always use editable format for all the text content.
  • Designing does not include any updating maintenance.
  • We are not responsible for any damages which occur on your business.
  • We will change our price list at any time.
  • We can also have the right to increase the resource of amount at any time.
  • Amount which has been received from customers will not be refundable at any case.
  • We could not assure any warranty or guarantee for Search Engine Ranking.
  • Soft copies of web content will be submitted to customers.
  • We also have the right to change the terms and conditions at any time.

Affiliate Terms and conditions to be followed strictly are as follows:

  • Using your own referrals is strictly prohibited.
  • All the commissions will be paid at the end of every month.
  • Copied banners and contents and spamming are also strictly prohibited in traffic crow.
  • Frauds in traffic crows will leads to termination.
  • Each member have right to hold only one account.
  • You can place ads only on other related web contents.
  • There were no rights to place ads on other related sites, spam etc.

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