About Us

Traffic Crow India and SGS Mediasoft are the popular Digital Marketing Educational Portal that brings awareness to the people in a digital manner. Traffic Crow is an Indian Blogger Nominated blog with a wide range of Digital Marketing Contents. Our organization is well known for its reputed culture and corporate training.

We care our students and people those who seek digital marketing & SEO skills from our Institute. Our friendly training and realistic project implementation will help you in a better way.

Foundation of the Company

Our company was founded on 2010 with a small investment. Now we are happy to say that we’ve trained 175+ students including 5+ corporate groups successfully. Our major goal is to create awareness regarding Digital Marketing in a professional way. We have over several years of experience and resources as well.

Jan, 2011 – Started Web Design Training & Services

During 2011, we started training people to craft their website and blogs perfectly. Our aesthetic web designing practices lead many people to achieve great things.

We have a team of skilled Web Designers and Creative Minds. We made a revolution in Web Designing and Website Management Services on those days.

Jan, 2012 – Started SEO & Social Media Training & Services

At the starting stage of 2012, SGS Mediasoft & Traffic Crow India collaborated with advanced SEO action. Thereafter we started providing SEO & Social Media Training.

Our immense involvement in Social Media Training grabbed huge projects and freelance work. We are working passionately and providing services since 2012.

Jan, 2013 – Started Blogging Career – Traffic Crow

After a huge success in our career during 2013, we established Traffic Crow branded blog to show our expertise in SEO and Digital Marketing. It was successfully implemented.

This made us provide quality and informative content to this world with our tailored case studies. We got huge responses from the people and that shaped Traffic Crow perfectly.

Jan, 2014 – Started Digital Marketing Courses

In 2014, our services and coaching got expanded to the greater extent. After serving training and services to hundreds of clients, we started Digital Marketing Courses.

Our intense interest in Digital Marketing made us showcase the exact things to the students and needy people in the form of professional course.

Jan, 2015 – Started Digital Marketing Services Globally

2015 was the great year for our digital career. We extended our hands and services globally. Yeah, we started teaching the people worldwide effectively.

Our Global Digital Marketing Excellence brought us huge global projects. We were successful in handling and improving the Global Clients’ project precisely.

Jan, 2016 – Started Pro Blogging Training

We also started teaching students, corporates, public and workers about Blogging in the mid-2016. Our major motto is to spread the Power of Blogging to the people.

Our Blogging Training commenced mainly to motivate the people and follow their passion. We are blessed by our students and clients after this event.

Jan, 2017 – Started Digital Marketing Pro & Corporate Training

As a part of our success, we achieved a great height during 2017 days. Yeah, we started diving into deep Digital Marketing Professional Course for the people.

Our Corporate Training and Pro Digital Marketing Course attracted many people to start their successful career from our doorstep. We are the best.

Our Mission

Our goal is to spread the power of Digital Marketing and its potential benefits globally. We teach and serve the Best Digital Marketing without any hassle. Future is Digital.

Why Choose Us?

  • 8+ years of wide knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing and Blogging as well.
  • Gain knowledge from the Nominated Best Indian Blogger and grow quickly.
  • The trainee is experienced in coaching 5+ best corporate groups successfully.
  • The trainer reached the public and needy people via 8+ quality workshop events.
  • The trainer is very much proud to reveal that he has trained 175+ students individually.
  • Digital Marketing Certified Trainer

Our Vision

Our vision is to reach the remote and every part of people take participation in the digital marketing sector. I believe that Digital Marketing will boom in future.

Excellent Support

We offer excellent support to the people with authentic resources and solution. We have the best customer-friendly service.

Expert Knowledge

Learn and grow very quickly in a professional way. High-Class coaching experience guaranteed.

Professional Way

Learn and grow very quickly in a professional way. High-Class coaching experience guaranteed.

Do you have a great idea? Tell us your requirement. We help you grow.