SEO Website Design An Essential Guide For Designer

Only beauty cannot beat the competitor in the race of ranking high. In the current web designing world, designers need to keep the (SEO) Digital Marketing factor in mind as well. Only look won’t create magic for your website, though it plays a vital role in user’s experience and interaction with your website. So, here is SEO Website Design – An Essential Guide for Designers of today’s web smart world.

So ready to make a web design which is user-friendly as well as stands chance of ranking high? So, here we go…

SEO Website Design

Responsive Design is the Key

Your design gives an amazing look and feels on a particular device but on other devices, it doesn’t respond then it is of no use. Responsive designs are search engine friendly. If your website is having amazing design and it responds properly on every device, then you are the winner at designing part.

Fastest Person in the Room is Winner

In this era, nobody has time to load your slow website no matter how good it is in design or how good content it has. Everything has become faster and if somebody is giving the information faster, nobody wastes their time on you regardless of quality. So, in order to increase your viewership, you need to optimize your speed or be ready to say goodbye to the potential traffic on your website.

URL Formation

Ambiguous URLs are not appreciated by the search engines. Search engines love clear and logical URLs. For example, you are searching for “Beautiful places to travel across India”, then, you would definitely prefer over

For Google also, irrelevant URLs are not attractive compared to logical URLs.

Customers Should be Instructed Clearly

Make it easy for your customers, to get it easily for which they have landed on your website. As I have said above, nobody has time to explore our website and find what they want. Don’t be too greedy to enhance your sales that you stuff your pages with subscription pages, sales links or ads. Make this obvious for your customers without highlighting or imposing it. Enhance your sales value without affecting the visibility of your website.

Avoid Overuse of JS

JavaScript creates wonder on your website. Nowadays the use of JS is must on your website to make it trendy, but don’t overuse it else you will get negative impact instead of positive one on your SEO. Search engines love the partial use of JS in any website.

Images’ Impact

Web designing is all about colors and images used on the web page to give it the amazing look. Everybody likes to see big and striking images. It doesn’t mean you can use them wherever you want. You need to use images without compromising the quality and in the appropriate size. Add tags and description of images wherever possible to have some extra perks of SEO.

Easy Navigation

Your users are the King; if you won’t be able to please them, then Google will not be pleased by you. Easy navigation is essential for easy interaction. Navigation should be easy for your users and the search engine as well. Every page of your website should be interlinked properly. If they’ll have to work hard for going to their desired page, then they will close your site and move to the other site.

Minimize the Usage of Flash

Nowadays, almost devices and search engines do not support the flash. It is advisable to completely avoid flash in your web design to make it SEO friendly. Though if you are using it on your site, then avoid its usage with navigation and text.

Practice Use of CSS Image Sprites

This is the best way to reduce the burden on the server. It is basically the collection of some small images in one large image. So, it gets easier and faster to download one large image compared to some small images.

Printer Friendly

Now you will think why anybody would be interested in printing the whole website? What parameters make the print of your website excellent? So, let me clear all your queries. If anybody liked any of your articles and would love to analyze it deeply, then they might print the article to study it peacefully. The font and its color should be simple and print perfect. Use popup and another css scripting wisely so it doesn’t spoil the print. Use CSS on the pages which are rare to be printed.

Bonus Tip – SEO Web Design

Keep Updating the Content

Everybody loves the fresh things whether that is veggies or content. Content is the king. If I have gone through the particular article once, then why should I come again to that article? You need to keep adding some values to that particular article so, crawlers can sense it alive. Google loves the content which is getting updated time to time. It also brings frequent crawling from the search engine. So, it’s time to change your mindset that once the article is written and ranked, that’s all about your duty.

So, I hope you know what part SEO Website Design plays in the designing and vice versa. Now don’t run behind the beauty only because magic can be created by keeping every aspect (layout, navigation, scripts used, etc.) in their perfect measure.

What are the other tips you would love us to include in this article? Designing can be learned only with the experience. So, share your experience and this article as well with other designers to learn their best practices. Feel free to give any other precious suggestion of yours via the comment section below.


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